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Rough review of 2019 and outlook for 2020

Activity as a writer

I mainly work as a writer. In 2019, I wrote articles in various areas but only in Japanese. In 2020, I will try to write some articles in English.

The themes I wrote in 2019

  • Freelance in Japan
  • Work style of Dutch people
  • SDGs (mainly Netherlands)
  • Fintech
  • Funding
  • Tax return
  • Immigration to the Netherlands
  • Kendo in Europe

Recently I’ve been interested in freelance asset building and fundraising. So I would like to study and write more about these area. Regarding the SDGs, the Netherlands and Europe have different approaches compared to Japan. Europe seems to be more advanced.

Share office contract

I made a desk contract on the share office Meet Berlage from November 2019. This is my first office contract since I started my business in 2015.

co-working space

Meet Berlage has a co-working space on the first floor and office spaces on the second/third floor. Co-working space is available free of charge. I used to use co-working space, but I wanted to have my own desk because my visa extension was approved and be able to stay longer in the Netherlands.

In addition, I wanted to interview freelancers and small business owners in the Netherlands. I thought having a desk space would make it easier to interview people in Meet Berlage.

Opened Kendo Dojo

Kendo dojo “Shin shin kai(春心会)” started in October 2019. 春 (shun) means spring, 心 (shin) means heart, 会 (kai) means club. Spring is the beginning season so the name indicates “don’t forget the mind of the beginning”.

Kendo is one of the traditional Japanese martial arts, with more than 10,000 players throughout Europe. In the Netherlands, there are over 400 kendo-ka (players) and 30 clubs.

We do kendo with armor and special uniform

Kendo was originally started by samurai to train themselves outside of war, but it is not only for the physical training but also training the spirit. Through kendo, we develop our personality. We pay courtesy to not only the people but also facilities and tools.

Currently, we have only five members. I’d like to start a new member recruitment and workshop from spring!

Business expansion

I also run VOF with my friends called Kendo Vault. It has been two years since I started this business. At first, we only did translation and managing Kendo Jidai International, but recently we have been doing other work.

Thanks to this VOF, I’ve been experiencing the fun of working in a team. We started with 2 members but increased 2 more in 2019. I want to expand it more this year.

Making habits

I have been writing a diary for several years, but in 2019 I started a reflection meeting with my friend. Make a phone call for about an hour on the weekend, then make a weekly reflection and set goals for the following week.

This meeting has been running for three months and I noticed that I repeat almost same things every month. This means that daily habits lead the growth and better life. Through this activity, I realized the importance of habits.

These are the reflections on 2019 and the outlook for 2020. I hope to have a wonderful day with friends, family and business partners this year!



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