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Graphic designer : Jordy Veldhuis

In this project, Mariko will be interviewing freelancers and entrepreneurs met in the Netherlands.

Interview with Jordy Veldhuis

1. Please tell me about the services you provide and the work.

I am a graphic designer and I use this skill in various ways. For example in UI and UX designs for website or apps. With Ondeline I also provide clients with the implementation of these tools, so a design becomes reality. With Ondeline I help companies to develop an innovative appearance (online and offline). You have the idea, we visualize and develop.

Besides these services I love to create, so Pompeusclothing and Tropicalglacier are other expressions of my art and love for design.

This 100% organic cotton t-shirt was designed by Jordy and features an illustration with an environment friendly message.

2. What kind of design do you  specialize in (or like)?

I apply my designs in different ways, as I said before. So it really doesn’t matter if it contains creating a user friendly interface for a web application or editing a picture I took in my weekend. 

What I love the most is the creating part. Being able to think about solutions or a nice look-and-feels and visualize it. Creating something from nothing. The variation in the different purposes I use my designs keeps my work really fun. 

3. What is important to you in your work?

The important things are freedom. Being able to work wherever I want or whenever I want. For example I went to Spain last March for a ‘workation’, it was a wonderful experience that I could work on my Dutch projects. Unfortunately had to get back earlier due to the corona situation in Spain.

4. Why did you become a zzp?

After a 6 month trip, I came home and started applying. I found out it’s really hard to find a suitable job. So I started as a ZZP’er to work on things which I really love. Of Course there are always pros and cons. A disadvantage that I have less pleasure in, for example, is accounting. But with the right external help, that’s no problem either!

5. Please tell me briefly about your daily schedule.

I usually start working around 8:30 am. Depends on the day if I do a workout before I start working or during my workday. My workday ends around 5:00 or 6:00 pm. Only if I have deadlines or a really busy schedule I work in my evenings. Besides working its time for family, chilling and hobbies.

6. What is your approach to work, family time and personal time?

I think family time is important, so I try to visit them once a week. Same with friends and personal time. In my opinion a healthy balance between these is the best. It happens to me without planning it too much, if I need personal time I’ll just separate myself from others.



If you would like to work with Jordy, please contact below.

☎: 06 55 56 24 35


The brand was started by Jordy to make eco-friendly clothing after traveling around the world. It features cute illustrated messages and organic cotton.

The world is yours : The first Pompeus release “The world is yours” printed on an organic t-shirt. The world is still yours before it is fully melted.

– Unisex
– 100% organic cotton
– Available in white


Collage art. Each painting costs 40 euros. If you see a painting you like, please contact Jordy. It would make a great piece of art for your room or as a gift.



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