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Origami workshop

We had Origami Workshop at Meet Berlage. I really appreciate for joining our workshop. We made crane and box by washi (Japanese traditional paper). I was surprised that all participants did really well.

What is Origami?

“Origami” has been a traditional Japanese craft since ancient times, and many people have come to know and love the art of folding beautiful flowers, cute animals and other shapes from a single sheet of paper.

Japanese people have been playing with origami since their childhood and we are very familiar with it. You can do it if you just have paper, so it doesn’t cost much money. Origami has various way for hobbies, education and rehabilitation.

Why crane?

There is a saying in Japan: “Crane lives a thousand year and turtle lives a hundred years”.

The crane is one of the symbols of longevity. The crane is also “the link between heaven and earth”. Cranes make a clear high-pitched cry and it is easy to hear them.

For this reason, it has been said that the crane’s voice reaches the heavenly realm where God dwells. Cranes are considered to be a lucky bird that connects human beings with God. They bring health and longevity.

We are planning to hold Japanese calligraphy workshop next time.



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